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  •    Q 1. I run an educational institution. What will be the value enhancement to my institution in associating with CESPL?
A. CESPL’s vision and mission are pursued with the ultimate goal of taking education to the next level. Our comprehensive solutions are known to yield measurable results for institutions as well as enhance the way educational services are delivered. This helps institutions carve a niche for themselves in the realm of education.
  •    Q2. If I want to start an educational institution, what assistance will I receive from CESPL?
A. Setting up a world-class educational institution is a process that involves time, a well-drawn-out plan, as well as great execution efficiency. CESPL has the expertise to help you at every step to ensure that your venture is a success. We take complete onus for a project, right from inception to completion, until the institution is in a position to function autonomously.
  •    Q3. Can I avail any funding facility from CESPL, and at what cost?
A. CESPL does not provide funding, but we do have tie-ups with Financial Consultants, who can help with the financial side of the project. Please note that the decision to provide funding is at the sole discretion of the funding agency and the terms and conditions of funding are wholly determined by the agency only.
  •     Q4. Would CESPL help in finding suitable land / place to start a school?
A. Yes, once an Agreement had been signed, a CESPL team member will work with you for site selection, as well as with the local brokers / real estate agents, to finalize the site for your institution.
  •     Q5. Is CESPL in a position to handle my institution's human resource development?
A. Yes, CESPL has the expertise to provide an entire gamut of human resource development interventions, right from streamlining your recruitment processes, handling statutory compliances applicable to employees, designing performance management systems, to training and mentoring of employees.
  •     Q6. If I want to buy/sell an educational institution, can CESPL help me?
A. Yes! CESPL can play a strong role in facilitating the buying / selling process, as well as assisting in all the accompanying procedures.
  •     Q7. What is the difference between recharging and managing an institution?
A. When an institution needs recharging, CESPL plays the role of a facilitator and guides the recharge process. However, in managing an institution, CESPL is personally involved in the successful procedural working of the institution. CESPL offers both recharging and managing services.
  •     Q8. Can CESPL help in creating a franchise model for my institution?
A. Very much so. CESPL can provide you with an entire spectrum of services for setting up a franchise model. This generally includes detailed Project reports, Financial analysis, Strategic marketing plans, Logistical requirements, Franchise design, etc.
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